Miss Will, Please

Oh, lawd. Who woke up Rumpelstiltskin, er, I mean George Will?

Will is sort of the Paul Ryan of the pundiariat – the “intellectual” who proves that “conservatives” do not understand the concept. For some reason, many people have given Will’s writing credence for decades, even though he is really not very smart.

For some unknown reason, he decided just now to announce his no doubt terribly weighty decision to leave the Republican Party because he just cannot stand Donald Trump as its presidential candidate.


Where have you been all year, George?

CNN reports that Will pointed to House Speaker Paul Ryan’s endorsement of the Donald after he attacked a judge whose parents are Mexican, saying the judge had a conflict of interest in presiding over the trial of fraud charges against Trump University because Trump had promised to build a wall at the Mexican border.

Exactly why that was a bridge too far is not at all clear. It is hard to avoid the inference that Will was okay with Trump saying that many Mexican immigrants were rapists and murderers when he announced his campaign. There is a clue in the CNN story. Apparently, Will noted he had joined the Republican Party in 1964 when Barry Goldwater ran for President – explicitly opposing the 1964 Civil Rights Act. There were two discernible reasons to oppose that world historical civil rights law that all civilized people support. The libertarian reason, Goldwater’s official reason, was that it gave far too much power to the federal government. Never mind that government in the United States has the responsibility to defend the natural rights of citizens and that government at no level ever has any “right” to enact or enforce any law working discrimination against any of its citizens.

The “conservative” reason to oppose civil rights legislation, as William F. Buckley, leading “conservative,” made clear, was naked white supremacy.

Will proclaims himself to be a good “conservative.” You do the math.

In the United States, “conservatism,” such as it is, has always only been about racism and perpetuating white supremacy. Those of us looking on from outside have a very hard time discerning how Donald Trump’s white supremacy much differs from the white supremacy the Republican Party has pursued avidly since 1968, when Richard Nixon first used dog whistle racism to lure all the Democrats who, like Will and Goldwater, opposed civil rights legislation and found offensive the leadership role Democrat Lyndon Johnson played in getting it passed.

To explain his departure from the Republican Party, Will quotes Ronald Reagan as saying that he didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the Party left him. Reagan also got his start in politics plumping for Goldwater in 1964. Will, of course, is one of those “conservatives” who is deeply invested in depicting Reagan as a minor deity.

I see a theme here, and it is not pretty. The theme is white supremacy. I guess if my other abilities were as meager as these men’s are, I would try to hang my self esteem on the accident of my supposedly superior skin color too.

It’s a pretty weak reed. But it’s all George Will has.

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