Of Drama Queens and Republicans

Humans are such drama queens, and we hold so tightly to our myths.

So it is that many people continue to look for some explanation of why Jason Chaffetz, Mr. House “Must Nail Hillary Clinton at all cost” Oversight Committee Chairman, and Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House of Representatives, have responded with shrugs to the resignation of Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor, an event that has every thinking person in the United States wondering about the backstory behind Flynn’s conversations with Russian diplomats before he took the office he just resigned from, what Donald Trump knows about Flynn’s likely illegal activity and when did he come to have that knowledge. Chaffetz and Ryan remain studiously, and suspiciously, uncurious about this very curious series of events.


The explanation is simple: they’re loyal Republicans. Republicans care about nothing but having power for its own sake, and for its utility in allowing them to enrich themselves and their already rich buddies at the expense of everyone else. They still see Trump as useful in their nefarious designs, so they will take no steps to investigate, precisely because any such investigation is highly likely to reveal information that would all but demand impeachment of Donald Trump, and potentially of Mike Pence as well.

These questions arising from Flynn’s resignation are now sufficiently significant that they have the imprimatur of a major television network (which they should not need because they are patently obvious, but such is the world we live in). On its web site, NBC News posted a story the morning after stating, “Flynn’s Departure Raises More Questions than it Answers.” They ask what this story says about the President’s judgment (he has none to speak of), if the administration has any credibility left at all (no — it never had any to begin with), and whether every member of Congress will support “a full investigation into arguably the biggest scandal involving a foreign government since Iran Contra?”

The answer to that last question is already emerging, and it should surprise no one. Jason Chaffetz, Chair of the House so-called Oversight Committee, has already announced that he intends to make a mockery of any “oversight” he could provide by refusing to investigate the circumstances surrounding Flynn’s hiring and abrupt resignation, even though these events, as NBC states, raise more questions than they answer.


Similarly, House Speaker Paul Ryan, who has the most control over any possible impeachment, tried to make Flynn’s resignation only about the relatively trivial question of his having lied to Vice President Pence about his contacts with a Russian ambassador. He engaged in an impressive exercise in question begging when he stated, “I’m not going to prejudge any of the circumstances surrounding this until we have all of the information.” Um, Paul, how will be get all of the information if Congress fails to investigate?

Chaffetz and Ryan are both doing exactly what they are supposed to do, as loyal water boys for the Republican Party, which is more important to them than anything else.

Who knows? Maybe the sale of a chunk of the Russian oil company Rosneft will contribute to a fund that all of the Republican water boys expect to get a cut of if their scheme plays out correctly. The scenario that Putin and his allies bribed the Donald to lift the sanctions Obama imposed on Russia with the promise of a large chunk of Rosneft has been mooted publicly.

What Congress wants to know, Congress will find out. Even granting honor among thieves, there must be documents performing the relevant transactions somewhere. In the end, for U.S. citizens, it hardly matters whether the prospect of a chance at a chunk of five hundred billion dollars, or just plain old Party loyalty better explain the unwillingness of Chaffetz and Ryan to investigate.

The Republic still has a presumptive felon as President, and Republican Party loyalty is the lynchpin that makes the whole deal possible.


  1. As long as this goes without an investigation, more and more people will become informed about it and suspicious of 45. Looks like he’s going down.

    1. Yeah. Too much information is already readily available. The problem with people like Trump is that they are incapable of getting beyond their own, tiny perspectives to see what other people see.

  2. You could say the same thing about the Democrats, in fact it looks very similar to an article I read about the dems last year.

    1. You could say that, but it wouldn’t make any sense. The Democrats investigated Nixon and he resigned. The Republicans controlled Congress and investigated Clinton, who did not resign because the impeachment of him was so transparently political that he knew he would survive the trial in the Senate.

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