Now You Know What it Feels Like

Anyone who is African American, or a woman, or an insufficiently closeted queer, knows the frustration of having to watch presumptively heterosexual, white men run the place with varying degrees of competence and success, too often getting and keeping jobs they’re demonstrably not very good at, but get to continue in just because they look like or are related to whoever happens to be in charge. We can call this the Donald Rumsfeld Rule.

Because presumptively heterosexual white men have run the culture of the United States for so long, we live with the impolite fiction that our society is a “meritocracy,” where anyone who exercises power does so only because of his (!) demonstrated ability. The white boys long managed to exclude any real competition so the rest of us had no opportunity to prove how competent we are and how incompetent the straight white boys can be.

In the administration of our so called President, even a growing number of the presumptively heterosexual white men who might ordinarily expect to get jobs they’re not very good at in any presidential administration remain unemployed, at least in the presidential administration, because the sole criterion for employment is loyalty to the Donald, who himself has throughout his life been a case study in getting a job more on the basis of family connections than ability, which he apparently has none of, at least not ability to perform any job that actually benefits other humans in any discernible way.

That is, as in so many ways, the Donald is the logical culmination of presumptively heterosexual, white, male, Christian culture and its bad habit of tribalism. On meth. And it is, quite predictably, turning out to be a disaster. As we black, brown, feminist, and queer people could have told you long ago, being a presumptively heterosexual while man is no guarantee of ability, and using it as the primary criterion for allocating opportunities is going to fail sooner or later.

Only a month ago — the scandals pile up so fast, the Flynn firing as National Security Advisor already seems like ages ago now — an apparently highly qualified candidate turned down the job of National Security Advisor. Reports have it that retired vice admiral Robert Harward declined the job because the Donald insisted that he keep K.T. McFarland as his deputy, which Harward found unacceptable.

In other words, with loyalty to the Donald as the sole criterion, many highly competent, qualified people get overlooked, but some refuse to compromise their own integrity as the price for working for a man who is obviously incompetent and unqualified.

There are many ways in which the Republican approach to politics was inevitably self defeating. Relying on personal knowledge and loyalty in all major hiring decisions is only one of them. No sympathy. Now you know what the rest of us have had to put up with since forever.


  1. I’m less frightened of our Baby Man in Chief accidentally elected morphing into Hitler, as is the Liberal Waking Nightmare we now face, but rather the consequence of having a Baby Man in Chief who CANNOT govern means for our Country.

    Baby Man in Chief is installing in every level of Government just people guided by no other principle than loyal to the Baby Man, but also the charge to take the Government down at every level our Federal Government.

    Appease the Baby Man or it ALL goes DOWN.

    1. I realize that is Bannon’s stated goal, but I think we’ve already seen that the incompetence of the various players (!) makes it unlikely that they will succeed in this project.

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