Biggest Disaster since 9/11

Multiple outlets have reported that the so called President recently bragged about getting the highest ratings on “Face the Nation,” the CBS news show, since the September 11 attacks. He seems utterly unaware of how offensive and inappropriate it is for him to use the worst terrorist attack in the nation’s history in order to gratify his grossly distended ego.

But then, he seems to see everything as a prop for his grossly distended ego.

He also has a long history of making variously outrageous, highly offensive claims about the September 11 attacks.

He claimed repeatedly to have seen “thousands” of people celebrating the fall of the towers across the river in New Jersey. Even a reporter for the one story that reported anything remotely similar said he could not corroborate any claim of anyone celebrating the fall of the towers in New Jersey.

He asserted that he had seen people jumping from the towers as he watched in his apartment, four miles away.

On the day of the attacks, he gave an interview in which he noted that a building he owned was once again the tallest in lower Manhattan, as it had been before the construction of the World Trade Center towers. Because the important thing is always to prove how cool the Donald is.

So, perhaps he did draw the biggest audience since the September 11 attacks for “Face the Nation.”

Disasters usually do draw large audiences.

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