Servile Republicans

The latest polling data suggests that most Republicans still support the so called president despite his glaring ineptitude and obvious conflicts of interest. Partly this is becacause to be a Republican these days is to be completely amoral. No moral calculus is possible when Party loyalty is the sole measure of virtue.

It is also the result of “conservatism.” No matter what “conservatives” may say to dupe their ill informed followers, it is consetvatism, not liberalism, that makes elitism a virtue.

But it is also a function of the white supremacist take over of the Republican Party. As we have noted repeatedly, starting before the Civil War, the South was solidly Democratic. It stayed that way until Democratic President Lyndon Johnson played a key role in getting major legislation passed to eliminate legal discrimination against African Americans. The good white supremacists in the South decamped for the Republican Party and took it over, especially once Richard Nixon discovered that dog whistle racism is an effective way to win the presidency.

Even as he resigned from office, after evidence of his active participation in the attempt to stop the FBI from investigating the Watergate break in, Richard Nixon still enjoyed the support of most Republicans.

A common claim of Confederate apologists is that most Comfederate soldiers owned no slaves, which is true but irrelevant. The men who led the charge to secession were either large slave owners themselves, or had strong ties to slave owners.

Slavery was the cause of the Civil War.

Slavery was obviously bad for the slaves, but it was bad for the slave owners and it was even worse for the white people who owned no slaves. In order to ensure control over the slaves, the South remained much more hierarchical than the rest of the country. Southerners to this day defer to authority more readily than do people elsewhere. Lots of men who owned no slaves suited up and fought for the confederacy, even though it is impossible to identify any benefit to them in doing so.

Trump supporters now are like the Confederate soldiers of yore — out fighting on behalf of a cause that will harm them.

But then, too many white southerners remain loyal to the principle of white supremacy and have done so since 1865, choosing to remain poor and reviled rather than simply acknowledge the mistakes of the past and move on.

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