There Goes Kellyanne Again

Poor Kellyanne. Being an official spokesmodel for the so called President is undoubtedly a very hard job. But Kellyanne Conway stands out for her loyalty to the Donald, and thus, ipso facto, for her stupidity and intransigence.

Conway does not seem to understand the U.S. Constitution, which clearly protects the freedom of speech of ordinary citizens, and of the press. She also does not seem to understand that virtually any communication from the president will receive minute attention from the press. This is patently obvious to any thinking person, but Kellyanne has recently objected strenuously to reporters on a national news report to their “obsession” with Trump’s tweets.

This despite the fact that the Donald has stated publicly that he “loves” Twitter and has not shown much sign of moderating his use of the format despite now holding the office of President of the United States.

Now we have a report that, during an appearance on Fox News (!), Conway wondered that the NBC reporter whom she argued with over coverage of the Donald’s tweeting habit still has his job. This is just stunning stupidity on her part.

But she only echoes her boss with this stupidity. Since rule number one for “conservatives” is never to take any responsibility, from the perspective of the so called president, it is impossible that he causes problems by sending mixed messages and undercutting his staff. The problem must be with his communications team, which he has reportedly considered revamping repeatedly. His communications director resigned recently. This event became the occasion for yet more speculation about further changes in the White House communications team.

But the real problem is that the so called president does not know thing one about creating or executing policy, which makes life very difficult for people who want to try to communicate his “policies” to the general public.

One can only infer that, because Kellyanne has decided to abandon all reason and intelligence in her fealty to the so called president, she expects the rest of us to do so as well. Happily, many good Americans refuse to do that.

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