The Donald is Guilty

James Comey, late of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, testified recently before a committee of the U.S. Senate and largely confirmed the worst suspicions thinking people have about the so called president, although his testimony is unlikely to have any immediate effects.

The so called president is not guilty in the technical, legal sense — not proven such yet. He has yet to undergo a trial. And it seems highly unlikely that he will confess to anything any time soon.

But Comey did say on more than one occasion, and with respect to more than one issue, that the Donald lies. He explained that he took notes about his conversations with the Donald because he was afraid the Donald might lie about those conversations later. He also stated flatly that the so called president’s claims about the alleged demoralization of the FBI staff under Comey were “lies.”

More importantly, Comey confirmed what we already knew — that Trump committed obstruction of justice by asking Comey to end his investigation — a criminal investigation, which the White House should have known about when they appointed him to the position of national security adviser — into Michael Flynn. Trump’s decision to fire Comey only compounded the crime. Comey stated flatly that he had handed his meeting notes to a friend with the explicit request that the friend give those notes to a reporter in the hope that having the information become public would prompt the appointment of a special prosecutor, which is tantamount to saying he believes the so called president broke the law.

He also asserted that he had given all of his notes from meetings with the so called president to Robert Mueller, who is the special prosecutor looking into the question of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian agents. So even if we yet lack definitive proof that the Donald is guilty, we have more than enough evidence to justify continuing the investigation into what he and his campaign did during last year’s election.

We definitely have ample evidence that the so called president still thinks he can do whatever he wants just because he is president and that he has learned nothing about the job after nearly six months in it.

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