Quit Whining about Hillary

Apologists for the so called president and his apparently illegal conduct are very quick to try to deflect by bringing up Hillary Clinton and the much too long, tedious investigation into her use of her private email server last year.

In July, and again just days before the election, FBI director James Comey announced that he found no reason to bring any charges against Hillary Clinton for using a private email server during her service as Secretary of State. Comey stated flatly that Clinton had been careless in her handling of classified information in emails, but he could find no evidence of any intent to violate any of the relevant statutes, which he considered determinative.

But now, after making Hillary’s experience in government part of the case against her, Republicans are busy offering the Donald’s lack of experience as an excuse for his apparent attempt to quash the investigation into collusion between his campaign and Russian agents last year.

So, according to the Republicans, instead of a woman who has extensive experience in government, but was incidentally careless with her emails, we are better off with a man who is devoid of experience in government and who:

Approved a military operation too casually, resulting in the death of a soldier;

Failed to show up in the situation room during that operation;

Received a briefing on a major foreign policy development in the dining room of his golf club, in full view of the public;

Gave sensitive information to agents of a hostile foreign power during a visit in the Oval Office;

Whined when the Russian press published photos of the meeting after he had excluded the U.S. press from the meeting;

Is woefully ignorant of basic diplomatic protocols;

Invites world leaders to call him on his personal cell phone.

To state the obvious, any one of these huge, presidential errors makes Hillary’s emails seem like the Girl Scouts in comparison. We could have avoided all of this. It is true that negligence can rise to the level of criminality, but anyone who wants to hurl such an accusation at Hillary first must answer for the far worse negligence the Donald has consistently shown throughout his short time in office.

Only blind loyalty to Party under the banner of absurd, corrupt, U.S. faux “conservatism” could possibly justify so pathetic an exercise stupidity. If Republicans knew what shame is, they would feel it now. Pity that they do not.

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