Sharia Law Paranoia is a Red Herring

The “March Against Sharia” may be coming soon to your city.

This is idiotic.

Concerns about sharia law are a cheap, “conservative” red herring. Conservatives, both the real ones and the faux, U.S. variety, always like to have an enemy around to keep the populous fearful and fired up. The easily duped fall for these ruses and remain in a constant tizzy over nothing.

Ordinary citizens may be excused for not understanding well what lawyers know — most law enforcement in the strict sense comes from judges, who typically make the final decision in any legal matter. We think of police officers as “law enforcement,” but virtually anything they do, short of killing someone in the street, can get reviewed by a judge. Even killing persons in the street can get reviewed by a judge, in the rare event that the officer(s) get prosecuted, or when the jurisdiction pays damages to the family of the deceased.

Until and unless someone can produce a signed order from a judge that relies on sharia law, there is no good reason to worry about its having any official effect in the United States. The U.S. Constitution explicitly states that it is the “supreme law of the land,” and all judges in the United States rely exclusively on U.S. law in making their decisions. Anyone who wants to prove the contrary must produce specific evidence.

Sharia law paranoiacs love to claim that sharia law requires female genital mutilation, which experts claim is untrue, and even if it were, where authorities have found practitioners of female genital mutilation in the United States, they have prosecuted them for violating U.S. law.

The group that has organized the anti sharia law marches in the U.S. has ties to the administration, so Trump is no doubt happy to use this silly nothingburger as a distraction from his own crimes.

Marching in opposition to sharia law in the United States is a silly waste of time.

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