The Donald’s Ignorance is No Excuse

Leading Trump apologist Paul Ryan is now trying to excuse the Donald’s illegal attempts to quash the investigation into his campaign’s likely illegal communications with the Russian government during last year’s election by saying that the so called president is “new to this.”

Being president of the United States is a very difficult job, and the learning curve for any new president is steep. But certain principles should be patently obvious. Trying to stop an ongoing criminal investigation is never a good idea.

This is the sort of mistake one would expect from a narcissistic pathological liar who has no experience in government.

It is no excuse.

Ignorance of the law is never an excuse. It is emphatically no excuse for a man who has toyed repeatedly for years with the idea of running for president, and thus should have, even without experience in government, have taken the trouble to learn a few things about what the job entails. The Donald apparently did not bother to do so.

It is testament to nothing other than the arrogance and stupidity of Republicans as a class that their leaders would offer this as an excuse for the illegal conduct of their arrogant, stupid leader.

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