Poor Ivanka

Oh, woe is me! Appearing on Fox News (!), Ivanka Trump whined recently that she wasn’t expecting the level of viciousness in the criticism her poor, beleaguered father has endured.

I simply can’t imagine.

How DARE those Washington meanies treat her poor father so badly!

After all, he’s been so kind and respectful to everyone in his drive to political power.

He didn’t say most Mexican immigrants are rapists and murderers. Nah.

He didn’t baselessly accuse a judge of having a conflict of interest solely because his parents were Mexican immigrants. Nah.

He didn’t call for a ban on all Muslims entering the country. Nah.

He didn’t get his start by claiming that President Obama was born outside the United States. Nah.

He didn’t encourage people at his rallies to attack protesters. Nah.

He didn’t mock a disabled reporter. Nah.

He didn’t reportedly walk in on teen beauty pageant contestants while they were dressing. Nah.

He isn’t on tape bragging about grabbing women by the pussy. Nah.

He hasn’t signed an executive order that stranded travelers the world over, revoking permission they had secured to enter the United States. Nah.

He hasn’t suggested he would abandon the key treaty underlying the post World War II international order. Nah.

He hasn’t encouraged immigration officials to arrest people anywhere and everywhere. Nah.

He hasn’t championed a bill that would deprive 23 million people of health insurance. Nah.

It’s just impossible to imagine how anyone could want to say or do anything critical of poor, little Donnie. He’s such a sweetheart. They really should be much nicer to him. He and his supporters have been so nice to everyone else.

We should not be surprised at this point that the so called president’s children have inherited from their clueless father his level of total lack of self awareness. Ivanka’s whine only confirms our low opinion of the whole family.

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